I have been good. Every year, I say I am going to get teacher gifts done early and every year I fail, miserably, I am a procrastinator through and through, and this year I vowed that would change. So far, so good. I have 4 teacher gifts to complete and yesterday, I got one done! I made a baseball mom bracelet from a real baseball! Embroidered her last name on it and the jersey numbers of both her boys. “re-laced” it with red embroidery thread and attached a clasp and jump ring in the process. I cannot WAIT to give it to her next Weds Image



It’s not that I don’t love you, or that you don’t mean anything to me. It’s just that I had so many hopes and ambitions for you and life with 4 kids got in the way. This morning however, I was motivated by a single post on facebook by my friend Emily.

Emily is a very wonderful and talented woman. I met her in June 2009 when she photographed my sister, Shay’s wedding. She spent the entire day with us from grabbing coffee at Caribou, to laughing with us as we had our hair and make up done, to driving all over town just capturing the moments that made all the wedding prep so memorable.

Emily is not only a very talented photographer, but she is a gifted and talented handmade artist. As a handmade artist, myself, I love seeing the talent and creativity of my fellow colleagues. Emily inspires you to take things one step further, to think outside of the box. She makes you laugh, she listens. She is a great, great friend. Every big sister hopes that their little sister will be blessed with great friends, and Em is definitely one of those friends I am truly grateful for in my sisters life.

This morning, as I sat down with my hazelnut cappuccino, I was looking through my facebook news feed I noticed that Emily and her friend, Ingrid, have just launched a new blog called The Handmade Girl. I am so excited for their new adventure! Please stop by their blog and take a look. There is so much coming to the site and I can hardly wait!!!!

Thank you Emily and Ingrid for reminding me that even my little corner of the world needs some attention.

As school begins and schedules fill up, it is time to get back into the swing of things with meal planning. The last few weeks we have eaten more on the “blah” side and I really see the value in having a set menu. It makes our day flow alot better, and we don’t have to ask one another “What do you want to do about dinner. Plus, I can utilize either Sunday or Monday(when the kids are at school) to shop for items we need for the week.

I am starting a class on Monday evenings and so Monday will be crockpot night, I’m looking forward to finding all sorts of new recipes to try out in the crock pot. I honestly don’t know how my own dad was able to cook week after week without using a crockpot. It is hands down the easiest appliance in the world and saves so much time. Very rarely can you mess something up in it and they come in so many sizes that even if you are cooking for 2, you can definitely make dinner in your crockpot.

So, this weeks menu is starting to take shape. I work in the afternoon so finding something I can make ahead for DH to put in the oven is also key this week. Especially since our oldest DD has ballet and soccer. Here is what it looks like so far.

Monday: Mexican slow cooked carnitas
Tuesday: Fried rice(made by DH)
Wednesday: Crock pot beef and noodles
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: Chicken and dumplings

Happy meal planning everyone! Bon Appetite!!!

When my husband and I first met, one of the things we discovered was that we both love to travel. Traveling means something different to everyone. Some people like to travel to a tropical destination to sit on the beach, toes in the sand, frou frou drink or a cold beer near by and listen to the waves. For others it’s about shopping, or seeing as many sites as possible. Still, for others it means trying new foods that you otherwise would not try at home.

In a couple of sentences, I have summed up how my husband and I like to travel, minus ONE detail. We are not ones to lounge on beaches for long periods of time. We are however, going to be found scouring the internet the few weeks leading up to our trip for the best food, fun places to visit (this was how we discovered Brookgreen Gardens in Murrels Inlet, SC,) or even finding cute, fun places to shop. I could blog ON AND ON about the fun places that we have visited and the many adventures we have had over the last 8 years. Perhaps, one of these days, I will.

Over the last 5 years, traveling for the two of us has changed, drastically. Why. you ask? In the time we got married, had a cross country road trip/honeymoon, and enjoyed our “last vacation as a couple to Washington D.C.(accompanied by my lovely sisters,) we welcomed 4, yes 4 beautiful children. You read that right. I have 4 kids, under 5 in my house right now. Don’t ask how I do it. I don’t know any other way except for this blessed road of motherhood. I work full time as a mom and wife, part time at a custom cake shop called Buy Me Cake and, of course, I have my business, Kat and Kitten Designs which has gone from part time to 3/4 time. No, I am NOT supermom/

My husband and I still love to travel, and while traveling takes alot more time to carefully plan out, we hope to instill the same love in our children. Those of you with children, or even nieces, nephews, godchildren, etc know that long car trips or even plane rides can be grueling on a child. Even if you bring a bag full of videos for them to watch, inevitably you hear “I’m bored, mom.” 

This summer we decided to travel to the beach. For a former Southern Californian, the beach used to be “no big deal.” Now, I can hardly wait for our yearly trek to the beach. By trek? I mean a 3-4 hour drive. I know my children. They get bored, they get hungry, thirsty, sometimes tired, and they love to draw and color. So I came up with their mini tote bags. They are big enough to hold a box of crayons(any size box, from 8-24 crayons) a small coloring book, small toys, a couple small cans of playdoh, or whatever else you can think of adding. The fun part was my last minute decision to add my daughters name to her bag:


Of course, I couldn’t leave her brother out!


Older sister has a bag too, but I need to work on the design of hers, as the original, just didn’t work well for her. The handles were sewn to the outside and were too short. She loves it, but she needs something more simple like the ones above. The kids loved their bags and loved putting their reusable snack bags in there as well.

We love them so much, that we decided to make them as favor bags for my oldest daughters birthday party! How cute are these in relation to those plastic goodie bags you buy that eventually get tossed in the trash? These fall right in line with my business idea of creating reusable, practical products for you, your family and friends. These will be up in the Zibbet shop in the next week. If you would like to order before then, feel free to message me there.

Happy and safe travels!


Alright, alright!!! I owe you all some info on what I have been up to. It’s only fair. You deserve it.


So what have you been doing the last few weeks, Katie?

Funny you should ask. I have been creating!!! Lots of great things for customers. First up for the summer were freezer pop sleeves. These are my most popular items of the summer. My dear friend, Lily asked me to make some that looked like lightsabers for her darling boys. My policy at Kat and Kitten Designs is that if you imagine it, we will create it. And I did!!!! The results were pretty amazing and darn creative and cute. See for yourself:



In addition to this request, Lily also asked for a baseball themed taggoie blanket. This one came out REALLY cute



My husband took his middle school youth on a mission trip last month and I made the girls these fun toiletry rolls


THis is just the beginning. I don’t want to overwhelm you all, so I will post a few more pictures in the next couple days. Yes….couple days. I told you I have been busy!

All of these items are available for purchase through Kat and Kitten  Designs. We are working on our website and will have the link available soon. You can purchase these via our zibbet store. Thanks to all of those who have ordered from us in the last 2 months: Lily, Mely, Tori, Karen, Alice, Melanie, Kimberly, Kristen, Mari, Candace, and Pam!

It’s time for a change around here!!! A good one. As part of my “to do” list, I am going to add “BLOG” to that list and keep you up to date on what I am busy making/creating.”

After resigning from my position as Youth Minister in June, I took on a part time job working in a custom cake shop. While I am not one of the cake artists, I am happily selling and icing cupcakes!!! You can check out the shop’s website over at Buy Me Cake. If you are in the Burlington area and are looking for some of the best cupcakes around, stop by and try one of our cupcakes.If you are looking for a fun birthday cake(or cupcakes) or even a wedding cake, we can help! I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you need a cake for a birthday or other celebration, please keep in mind that we need 7-10 advance order. Wedding consultations can be arranged by calling the shop and making an appointment.


Working at the shop has inspired me to really take charge of my sewing business and move forward with it. I am going to take some business courses at the local college and re-start things off on the right foot. Classes start in September, and I am so excited to get going. I am grateful to Jennifer at Buy Me Cake for inspiring me to make this happen.

In the mean time, I promise to you all to keep posting my latest creations and more info on the business as it grows!!!! If you are in need of any gifts, or custom design, let me know! School is around the corner and reusable sandwich bags, wraps, snack bags and lunch bags are the perfect start to the new year!!! Contact me to order!!!

Oh sad, sad bunny I had such hopes for you

Your sweet soft colors and your face a pale green hue

And as my sewing machine did stitch,

I thought how your life would be rich.


Then off the the line, your face appeared

Not looking so happy, not even endeared.

I tucked you away, oh what a mistake I have made

until you met Simone, the sadness did fade.

Your face lit up

as she squeezed so tight

Not minding at all

if she took a little bite

Oh HAPPY little bunny

I will never doubt again.

For surely my machine and I

Have brought together two forever best friends.

Too many times I criticize my own work. Thank you Simone for helping me see that beauty is in the eye of the beholder 🙂