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Yesterday, my friend, Miss Charlotte, over at Les Bonnes Ideas Magazine¬† asked little old me to contribute to her weekly Wednesday’s Whimsy. I was THRILLED to be a part of her blog!!!! I absolutely adore Wednesday’s Whimsy and find Miss Charlotte’s blog to be full of inspriation and beauty. Hop on over to her site, and see what exciting ideas she has to share. Be sure to subscribe to her weekly cocktail party as well!


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For several reasons, I have neglected this blog. The main reason being that life got rather hectic with the pending arrival of our 4th child.

I am happy to report that SHE HAS ARRIVED. All 6lbs 7oz of her, born on September 12th. Yes, it is hard to believe that 5 short weeks have passed and I now am starting to get myself ready to head back to work. Planning, organizing, getting meetings together. All of it will start back up on Sunday!

I have a few projects in the works and I have a few blog posts up my sleeve. Think: recipes, pinterest, and more late night creations.

Looking forward to sharing with you, but for now, I must head down the short hallway to put a toddler back in her bed for a nap.

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