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I have been good. Every year, I say I am going to get teacher gifts done early and every year I fail, miserably, I am a procrastinator through and through, and this year I vowed that would change. So far, so good. I have 4 teacher gifts to complete and yesterday, I got one done! I made a baseball mom bracelet from a real baseball! Embroidered her last name on it and the jersey numbers of both her boys. “re-laced” it with red embroidery thread and attached a clasp and jump ring in the process. I cannot WAIT to give it to her next Weds Image


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It’s not that I don’t love you, or that you don’t mean anything to me. It’s just that I had so many hopes and ambitions for you and life with 4 kids got in the way. This morning however, I was motivated by a single post on facebook by my friend Emily.

Emily is a very wonderful and talented woman. I met her in June 2009 when she photographed my sister, Shay’s wedding. She spent the entire day with us from grabbing coffee at Caribou, to laughing with us as we had our hair and make up done, to driving all over town just capturing the moments that made all the wedding prep so memorable.

Emily is not only a very talented photographer, but she is a gifted and talented handmade artist. As a handmade artist, myself, I love seeing the talent and creativity of my fellow colleagues. Emily inspires you to take things one step further, to think outside of the box. She makes you laugh, she listens. She is a great, great friend. Every big sister hopes that their little sister will be blessed with great friends, and Em is definitely one of those friends I am truly grateful for in my sisters life.

This morning, as I sat down with my hazelnut cappuccino, I was looking through my facebook news feed I noticed that Emily and her friend, Ingrid, have just launched a new blog called The Handmade Girl. I am so excited for their new adventure! Please stop by their blog and take a look. There is so much coming to the site and I can hardly wait!!!!

Thank you Emily and Ingrid for reminding me that even my little corner of the world needs some attention.

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