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I have a great idea to add to my shop. Ice pop/popsicle sleeves. You know, those Otter Pops we used to eat as kids? They always froze my hands off and if I ate mine to fast. BRAIN FREEZE!!!!

So in an effort to make life more simple for all you moms(and dad’s) out there I decided to make sleeves for these. Cute fabric on the outside, terrycloth lining on the inside. just pop in the ice pop and voila!!!! Right?

I found a pattern, and followed it cutting the fabric as directed. Started sewing. So far so good. looks great, I can do this. People will be happy. Then, time to run the fabric. TOO SMALL!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The messed up ice pop sleeve!!! BAH

Back to the drawing board. It’s ok though, this makes it easier to customize it to my liking, but you know that feeling when you are motivated and excited about something? Yeah that was me, now I am just frustrated. I’ll get over it though. Really, I will.

Good news is, I was quite the busy, productive bee this morning. Got some dishes done, made some peanut butter cookies which may not be in existance when Mr. Handsome comes home. This may be why I failed my 1 hour glucose test last week? Sugar and I are BFF’s. Sigh.

Mmmmmmmmm cookies


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